Monthly Meeting

December 2014

There will be no meeting in December.

January 2015

Dr Paul Loiselle will be presenting "Conservation". We will also have a special Pleco auction at the meeting, and introducing a new program, Sponsor of the month.

Meeting also features an auction, Breeder Award Program, Outstanding Sales Table (lots of new items!), Loaches and Rainbowfish Bowl Show, and more! Date is January 15th; the meeting doors open at 7:30. Quality Inn, 10 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst NJ.

February 2015

Bob Larsen Sr will present "Moving a fish room".

March 2015

Mark Soberman will discuss catfish.

April 2015

Speaker TBD

May 2015

Tanganyikan Cichlids from Bob Grauer

June 2015

Dr Anthony Mazzeroll will review the Amazon Project

July 2015

Chuck Davis covering Cichlids and Catfish.

August 2015

No meeting, enjoy the summer!

September 2015

Breeding Fish, by Larry Jinks.

Sponsor of the Month

NJAS has been fortunate to receive support from local fish clubs. They provide donations for auctions, supported our events, advertised for us, offer discounts and group buys--the list goes on. We'd like to give something back, so will be recognizing a sponsor each month with a flyer posted here and on Facebook. Each sponsor will be invited to address the club at the monthly meeting, and NJAS is purchasing a gift card to raffle off to a lucky member.

For the inaugural month, we'd like to recognize Absolutely Fish for all that they've done for us as a club, and as hobbyists. Thank you!

Absolutely Fish Sponsor of the Month

Spring Auction 2015

Save the date now! North Jersey Aquarium Society will be hosting our annual spring auction April 19th, 2015 at the Days Hotel and Conference Center in North Brunswick. Check back for pre-registration and more information as the date approaches.

Spring 2014 Auction Flyer

Breeder Award Program information

Breeder Award Program Links

  • BAP Form
  • BAP Rules
  • BAP Submission Guidelines
  • Completed forms and questions can be emailed to NJAS Breeders Award Program

    About The NJAS

    NJAS is an organization of aquarists with a wide range of interests and backgrounds. From cichlids to killies, livebearers to plants, aquascaping, breeding, do-it-yourself help...we cover a wide range of topics, and we especially encourage newcomers to join us! Our location in Lyndhurst is convenient to major highways and bus routes, and enables us to welcome a large number of attendees. We invite you to join us and look forward to meeting you.